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December 16th, 2015

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All About Us
Hi!  My name is Evan.  I was born September 3rd, 1999.  I don't know this right now (and likely if I did, I wouldn't care) but this whole web site was originally created just for me.  So it is only fitting that the majority of the effort go into maintaining my little corner of it.  There are two options to choose from here.  One is the picture browser, and the other is the movie browser.
  • Picture Browser:   Click here to see lots of pictures of me
  • Movie Browser:   This page will allow you to see  QuickTimeŽ movies of me.  You need QuickTime 4 or later to see them.  If you have QuickTime installed correctly, the movies will open up and play when clicked.  Otherwise you will need to download it from